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Mattityahu 1

1This is the sefer toldot of Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach Yehoshua Ben Dovid, Ben Avraham.
2Avraham, then Yitzchak, Ya'akov, Yehudah and his brothers;
3then, through Yehudah, Peretz and Zerach by Tamar; then Chetzron, Ram;
4then Amminadav, Nachshon, Salmon;
5then Boaz by Rachav; then Oved by Ruth, then Yishai;
6then Yishai fathered Dovid HaMelech; then Sh'lomo by the wife of Uriyah;
7then Rechavam, Aviyah, Asa,
8then Yehoshafat, Yoram, Uziyahu;
9then Yotam, Achaz, Chizkiyahu,
10then Menasheh, Amon, Yoshiyahu,
11then Ykhanyahu and his achim from the days of the Golus in Babylon.
12After Ykhanyahu, then Shealtiel, then Zerubavel,
13then Avichud, then Elyakim, then Azur;
14then Tzadok, then Yakhin, then Elichud;
15then El'azar, then Mattan, then Ya'akov.
16Ya'akov fathered Yosef, the baal (husband) of Miryam, from whom was born Yehoshua, who is called Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach.#1:16 Jn 1:49
17So then, there were arba'a asar (fourteen) dorot (generations) from Avraham to Dovid,#1:17 T.N. Dovid = DVD in Hebrew = [d = 4, v = 6, d = 4] = (4 + 6 + 4 = 14) and there were arba'a asar dorot from Dovid to the Golus in Babylon, and there were arba'a asar dorot from the Golus in Babylon to Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach.
18The huledet (birth) of Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach was as follows. When Moshiachʼs Em, Miryam, had been given in erusin to Yosef,#1:18 ben Dovid but before they came together, she was found with child through the Ruach Hakodesh.
19Her shidduch, Yosef,#1:19 ben Dovid being a tzaddik and not wanting to humiliate her publicly, planned to deal with the get (divorce) in a private arrangement.
20Now just when Yosef#1:20 ben Dovid had thought through to this tachlis (purpose) hinei! A malach Hashem appeared to him in a chalom, and said, Yosef ben Dovid, do not shrink from taking Miryam in nisuim (marriage) as your#1:20 basherte (destined mate) aishes chayil (virtuous woman) kallah (bride), because what has been conceived in her is through the Ruach Hakodesh.
21And she shall bear BEN (Son) and you will call SHMO#1:21 Zech 6:12 (his name) YEHOSHUA#1:21 Zech 6:11-12 because he will bring his people yeshu'ah (rescue, salvation, deliverance) from their peyshaim (rebellions).
22Now all this occurred so that which was spoken by Hashem through the Navi might be fulfilled,
23HINEI, HAALMAH HARAH VYOLEDET BEN VKARAT SHMO IMMANU-EL (Behold, the Virgin will be with child and will bear Son and will call his name Immanu-El)#1:23 Isa 7:14; cf. Orthodox Jewish Bible Introduction — which translated means G-d is with us.
24Then Yosef,#1:24 ben Dovid rising up from sleep, did as the malach Hashem commanded him and he took his kallah.
25And Yosef#1:25a ben Dovid did not know her until she bore BEN and Yosef#1:25b Ben Dovid called him by name of Yehoshua.#1:25c Ben Dovid#1:25d See Baba Bathra 8:6

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