1And it come to pass on yom hashemini, that Moshe called to Aharon and his Banim, and the Ziknei Yisroel; 2And he said unto Aharon, Take thee a young calf for a chattat (sin offering), and a ram for an olah (burnt offering), temimim (without blemish), and offer them before Hashem. 3And unto the Bnei Yisroel thou shalt speak, saying, Take ye a sa'ir izzim (male goat) for a chattat (sin offering); and a calf and a keves (lamb), both of the first year, temimim (without blemish), for an olah; 4Also a bull and a ram for shelamim (peace offerings), to sacrifice before Hashem; and a minchah mixed with shemen; for today Hashem will appear unto you. 5And they brought that which Moshe commanded before the Ohel Mo'ed; and kol HaEdah drew near and stood before Hashem. 6And Moshe said, This is the thing which Hashem commanded that ye should do; and the kavod Hashem shall appear unto you. 7And Moshe said unto Aharon, Go unto the Mizbe'ach, and offer thy chattat (sin offering), and thy olah (burnt offering), and make kapporah for thyself, and for the people; and offer the korban of the people, and make kapporah for them; just as Hashem commanded. 8Aharon therefore went unto the Mizbe'ach, and slaughtered (shachat) the calf of the chattat (sin offering), which was for himself. 9And the Bnei Aharon brought the dahm unto him; and he dipped his forefinger in the dahm, and put it upon the horns of the Mizbe'ach, and poured out the dahm at the foundation of the Mizbe'ach; 10But the chelev (fat), and the kidneys, and the diaphragm with the liver of the chattat (sin offering), he burned upon the Mizbe'ach; just as Hashem commanded Moshe. 11And the basar and the hide he burned with eish outside the machaneh. 12And he slaughtered (shachat) the olah (burnt offering); and the Bnei Aharon presented unto him the dahm, which he sprinkled around upon the Mizbe'ach. 13And they presented the olah (burnt offering) unto him, with the pieces thereof, and the head; and he burned them upon the Mizbe'ach. 14And he did wash the innards and the legs, and burned them upon the olah (burnt offering) on the Mizbe'ach. 15And he brought the korban HaAm (the offering of the people), and took the goat of the chattat (sin offering) for the people, and slaughtered (shachat) it, and offered it for sin, as before. 16And he brought the olah (burnt offering), and offered it in the prescribed way. 17And he brought the minchah, and took a handful thereof, and burned it upon the Mizbe'ach, in addition to the olah of the boker. 18He slaughtered (shachat) also the bull and the ram for a zevach which was for the people; and the Bnei Aharon presented unto him the dahm, which he sprinkled upon the Mizbe'ach around, 19And the chalavim (fat portions) of the bull and of the ram, the tail, and that which covereth the innards, and the kidneys, and the diaphragm above the liver; 20And they put the chelev (fat) upon the breasts, and he burned the chelev (fat) upon the Mizbe'ach; 21And the breasts and the right thigh Aharon waved for a tenufah (wave offering) before Hashem; just as Moshe commanded. 22And Aharon lifted up his hand toward the people, and pronounced a barucha upon them, and came down from offering of the chattat (sin offering), and the olah (burnt offering), and shelamim (peace offerings). 23And Moshe and Aharon went into the Ohel Mo'ed, and came out, and pronounced a barucha over the people; and the kavod Hashem appeared unto kol HaAm. 24And there came an eish out from before Hashem, and consumed upon the Mizbe'ach the olah (burnt offering) and the chalavim (fat portions); which when all the people saw, they shouted, and fell on their faces.