Iyov 42
1Then Iyov answered Hashem, and said, 2I have da'as that Thou canst do all things, and that no purpose of Thine can be thwarted. 3Who is this that hideth etzah (counsel) without da'as? Therefore have I judged without understanding things too wonderful for me, which I knew not. 4Shema, I beseech Thee, and I will speak; I will ask of Thee, and declare Thou unto me. 5I have heard of Thee by the hearing of the ozen, but now mine eye hath seen Thee. 6Therefore I abhor myself, and nichamti (I am sorry, I make teshuvah) in dust and ashes. 7And it was so, that after Hashem had spoken these words unto Iyov, Hashem said to Eliphaz the Temani, My wrath is kindled against thee, and against thy two friends; for ye have not spoken in reference to Me the thing that is nekhonah (correct), like Avdi Iyov hath. 8Therefore take unto you now seven bulls and seven rams, and go to Avdi Iyov, and offer up for yourselves olah (burnt offering); and Avdi Iyov shall pray for you; for him will I accept; lest I deal with you after your nevalah (folly), in that ye have not spoken in reference to Me the thing which is nekhonah (correct), like Avdi Iyov. 9So Eliphaz the Temani and Bildad the Shuchi and Tzophar the Na'amati went, and did according as Hashem commanded them. Hashem also accepted Iyov. 10And Hashem restored the fortunes of Iyov, when he prayed for his friends; also Hashem gave Iyov twice as much as he possessed before. 11Then came there unto him all his brethren, and all his sisters, and all they that had been of his acquaintance before, and did eat lechem with him in his bais; and they expressed sympathy with him, and comforted him over all the ra'ah that Hashem had brought upon him; every ish also gave him a kesitah, and every ish a ring of zahav. 12So Hashem blessed the acharit (latter end) of Iyov more than his reshit; for he had fourteen thousand tzon, and six thousand gemalim, and a thousand yoke of oxen, and a thousand she-donkeys. 13He had also seven banim and shalosh banot. 14And he called the shem of the first, Yemima, and the shem of the second, Ketziah, and the shem of the third, Keren-hapuch. 15And in kol ha'aretz were no nashim found so fair as the banot Iyov; and their av gave them nachalah with their achim. 16After this lived Iyov an hundred and forty shanah, and saw his banim, and his banei banim, even arba'ah dorot. 17So Iyov died, being zaken and full of yamim.
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