Iyov 18
1Then answered Bildad the Shuchi, and said, 2Ad anah (Until when, how long) will it be ere ye make an end of words? Gain binah, and afterwards we will speak. 3Why are we counted as behemah (cattle), and reputed stupid in your sight? 4Thou art he who teareth his nefesh in his anger; shall eretz (earth) be forsaken for thee? And shall the tzur be removed out of its place? 5Yea, the ohr of the resha'im shall be put out, and the flame of his eish shall not burn. 6The ohr shall be choshech in his ohel, and his ner (lamp) above him is extinguished. 7The steps of his vigor shall be shortened, and his own etzah (counsel, scheme) shall cast him down. 8For he is cast into a reshet by his own raglayim, and he walketh into a pitfall. 9The pach (trap) shall take him by the akev (heel), and the snare shall prevail against him. 10The noose is laid for him ba'aretz (on the ground), and a trap for him in the path. 11Ballahot (terrors, terrible thoughts) shall make him afraid on every side, and shall dog him behind his feet. 12Calamity is ra'ev (hungry) for him, and destruction shall be ready for his fall. 13It shall devour the limbs of his ohr (skin); even the bechor mavet (plague) shall devour his members. 14That in which he trusted is rooted out of his ohel, and it shall march him to Melech Ballahot (King of Terrors). 15In his ohel nothing dwells; gofrit (brimstone) is scattered upon his habitation. 16His shorashim shall be dried up beneath, and above his branch shall wither. 17His memory shall perish from the earth, and he shall have no shem in the land. 18He shall be driven from ohr into choshech, and chased out of the tevel. 19He shall neither have offspring nor descendent among his am (people), nor is there a sarid in his dwellings. 20The acharonim shall be astonished at his yom, as the kadmonim were affrighted. 21Surely such are the mishkenot (dwellings) of the resha'im, and this is the place of him that has no da'as of El.
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