Yaakov 1
1Ya'akov, eved (servant) of Hashem and of Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach Adoneinu Yehoshua; To the Shneym Asar HaShevatim (Twelve Tribes) in the Golus, Shalom! [DEVARIM 32:26] 2Consider it all simcha, my Achim b'Moshiach, whenever you fall into various nisayonos (tests, trials), 3Because you have da'as that the emunah you have, when it is tested, produces savlanut (patient endurance). 4And let savlanut be shleimah in its po'al (work) in order that you may be mevugarim (mature, grown up) and complete, lacking in nothing. 5But if any one of you is lacking chochmah (wisdom), let him direct tefillah (prayer) and techinot (petitions) to Hashem, the One whose matanot (gifts) are given generously and without grudging, and chochmah will be given to him. [MELACHIM ALEF 3:9,10; MISHLE 2:3-6; TEHILLIM 51:6; DANIEL 1:17; 2:21] 6But let the tefillah be offered with much bitachon in emunah (faith), in no way doubting. For the doubtful man, wavering in emunah, is like a wave of the yam (sea) being tossed by the wind. [MELACHIM ALEF 18:21] 7Let not such a one presume that he will receive anything from Adoneinu. 8He is an ish (man) of double mind, in all his drakhim (ways), mesupak (uncertain, having doubts) and unstable. [TEHILLIM 119:113] 9But let the Ach b'Moshiach of shiflut (lowliness) glory in the da'as that Hashem will exalt him. 10And let the Ach b'Moshiach who has osher (riches) glory in his bizyoinos (humiliation), in the da'as that Hashem will bring him low, because KOL HABASAR KHATZIR ("All flesh is grass," YESHAYAH 40:6,7) and so he likewise will vanish. [IYOV 14:2; TEHILLIM 103:15,16] 11For the shemesh (sun) rises with its burning heat and dried the grass and its TZITZ NAVEL ("flower blossom falls" YESHAYAH 40:6-8) And the beauty of its appearance perished, so also the "oisher" (rich man) in his goings will fade away. [TEHILLIM 102:4,11] 12Ashrey is the one who stands up under nisayon (trial), because, having become approved, that one will be given the Ateret HaChayyim (Crown of Life), which Hashem gave as a havtachah (promise) to those having Ahavas Hashem. 13However, let no one say, when he is tempted, "From Hashem I am being tempted," for Hashem cannot be tempted to crave ra'ah (evil), and He Himself trips up no one with nisayon (temptation). 14But each one is tempted by his own ta'avah (lust, yetzer hara), being dragged off by it and being allured. [MISHLE 19:3] 15Then after her conception Ta'avah gives birth to Averah (Transgression) and Averah, once she has fully developed, gives birth to Mavet. [BERESHIS 3:6; IYOV 15:35; TEHILLIM 7:14; YESHAYAH 59:4] 16Do not fall under a delusion, my beloved Achim b'Moshiach. 17Every good endowment and every matanah shleimah (complete gift) is from above, coming down from Avi HaOhrot (the Father of Lights) with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning. [TEHILLIM 85:12; BERESHIS 1:16; TEHILLIM 136:7; DANIEL 2:22; BAMIDBAR 23:19; TEHILLIM 102:27; MALACHI 3:6] 18Birtzon Hashem (by the will of G-d), he gave birth to us by the Dvar HaEmes, that we might be a kind of bikkurim (firstfruits) of all he created. [YIRMEYAH 2:3] 19Have da'as of this, my beloved Achim b'Moshiach. Let every man be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to ka'as (anger). [MISHLE 10:19] 20For the ka'as of Bnei Adam does not accomplish the Tzikat Hashem. 21Therefore, having put away all filthiness and what remains of resha (wickedness) in shiflut (lowliness) and meekness receive the implanted Dvar Hashem which is able to save your nefashot.[Rev 3:20] 22Now be Shomrei HaDvar Hashem and not Shomei HaDvar only, thereby causing yourselves to fall under remiyah (deceit, deception). 23Because if anyone is Shomei HaDavar and not Shomrei HaDavar, this one is like a man looking at his ponum in a mirror, 24For he observed himself and has gone away and immediately forgot what he looked like. 25But the one having peered into the Torah HaShleimah (the Perfect Torah), the Torah HaCherut (the Torah of Freedom), and there remaining, not as a forgetful listener but one who is shomer mitzvot and goes into action, this one will have a bracha on his head in all his acts. [TEHILLIM 19:7] 26If anyone considers himself to be one of the Charedim (Orthodox, G-dfearing Jewish religious ones), yet has lashon hora and does not bridle his tongue but instead causes his lev to fall under remiyah (deceit), this one's chasidus (piety) is worthless. [TEHILLIM 34:13; 39:1; 141:3] 27Avodas Kodesh that is tehorah (pure) and tamimah (unblemished) before Elohim HaAv is this: to visit yetomim (orphans) and almanot (widows) in their tzoros and to be shomer against the defilement of the Olam Hazeh. [DEVARIM 14:29; IYOV 31:16,17,21; TEHILLIM 146:9; YESHAYAH 1:17,23]
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