Gevurot 13:13-37

Gevurot 13:13-37 OJB

And having put out to sea from Paphos, Rav Sha'ul and those with him came to Perga of Pamphylia. But Yochanan (Markos), having left them, returned to Yerushalayim. But having gone on from Perga, they came to Pisidian Antioch, and, having entered the shul on Shabbos, they sat down. After the kri'at HaTorah (reading of the Sefer Torah) and the kri'at HaNevi'im, the Rashei Beit HaKnesset sent to them, saying "Anashim Achim, if there is any dvar hachizzuk among you to the people, say it." And having got up and having motioned with his hand, Rav Sha'ul said, "Anshei Yisroel, and Yirei Elohim, listen! "Elohei HaAm Yisroel chose Avoteinu. Hashem made the people great during their sojourn in Eretz Mitzrayim, and with an uplifted arm He led them out of it, [SHEMOT 6:1,6,7; 14:8; DEVARIM 7:6-8] "and lav davka (approximately) ARBA'IM SHANAH He put up with them in the desert [DEVARIM 1:31; BAMIDBAR 14:33,34; TEHILLIM 95:10; SHEMOT 16:35] "and having destroyed SHIVAH GOYIM in eretz Kena'an, he gave as a nachalah (an inheritance) their land [DEVARIM 7:1; YEHOSHUA 14:2; 19:51; TEHILLIM 78:55] "during lav davka (approximately) arba me'ot vachamashim shanah. After these things, He gave shofetim until Shmuel HaNavi. [SHOFETIM 2:16; SHMUEL ALEF 3:19,20] "And then they asked for a melech, and Hashem gave to them Sha'ul Ben Kish, an ish from the shevet of Binyamin, for arba'im shanah [SHMUEL ALEF 8:5,19; 10:1; 9:1,2] "And after having removed Sha'ul, Hashem raised up Dovid as a Melech for them. About Dovid also Hashem testified, saying 'I found Dovid Ben Yishai an ISH KILEVAVO ["a man after His (G-d's) heart"] who will do all My ratzon.' [SHMUEL ALEF 15:23; 16:13; TEHILLIM 89:20; SHMUEL ALEF 13:14; YIRMEYAH 3:15; YESHAYAH 44:28] "From the zera (seed) of this man, according to the havtachah (promise), Hashem has brought to Yisroel a Moshi'a (Savior), Yehoshua. [SHMUEL BAIS 7:11; 22:51; YIRMEYAH 30:9] "Now previously, before the coming of Moshiach, Yochanan proclaimed to Klal Yisroel a tevilah of teshuva. "Now as Yochanan was completing his course, he was saying, 'What do you suppose me to be? I am not! But, hinei, he comes after me of whom I am not worthy to untie the sandal of his feet." "Achim, Bnei Mishpochah Avraham, and Yirei Elohim, it is to us that the dvar of this Yeshu'ah HaGedolah (Great Deliverance) was sent out. [TEHILLIM 107:20] "For the ones dwelling in Yerushalayim and their moshlim (rulers) did not have da'as of this one or of the dvarim of the Nevi'im being read every Shabbos; they fulfilled these dvarim by condemning him. "Even without finding a cause for a mishpat mavet, they asked Pilate that he be done away with. "When they finished all the things having been written about him, he was taken down from HaEtz (DEVARIM 21:23), and they put him into a kever (tomb, Isa 53:9). "But Hashem made him to stand up alive again from the Mesim, "and he was seen over many yamim by the ones having come up with him from the Galil to Yerushalayim who now are his edim to the people. "And we are preaching to you the Besuras HaGeulah of the Havtachah made to Avoteinu, [YESHAYAH 40:9; 52:7] "That Hashem has fulfilled this havtachah for us, their banim, having made to stand up alive again Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach Yehoshua, as also in the Tehillim it has been written, BENI ATAH, ANI HAYOM YELIDETICHA ("You are My son; today I have become your father"). [TEHILLIM 2:7] "And that He made him to stand up alive again from the Mesim, no longer to return to decay, thus he has said, `I will give you CHASEDEI DOVID HANE'EMANIM. [YESHAYAH 55:3 TARGUM HASHIVIM] "Therefore, also elsewhere in the Tehillim, he says LO TITEN CHASIDECHA LIR'OT SHACHAT ("You will not allow your Chasid (Moshiach) to undergo decay"). [TEHILLIM 15:10; 16:10 TARGUM HASHIVIM] "For Dovid, after in his own dor (generation) he had served birtzon Hashem, fell asleep, and VAYISHKAV DOVID IM AVOTAV ("and Dovid rested with his fathers") and he experienced decay. [SHMUEL BAIS 7:12; MELACHIM ALEF 2:10; SHOFETIM 2:10; DIVREY HAYAMIM BAIS 29:28] "But whom Hashem made to stand up alive again did not experience decay.
OJB: Orthodox Jewish Bible