Kehilah in Corinth II 4
1Therefore, since it is by the chesed of Hashem that we have this sherut, this kehunah, [2C 3:16] we are undaunted. [TEHILLIM 18:45; YESHAYAH 40:31] 2But we renounced the hidden things of bushah (shame), not going about with remiyah (deceit) nor falsifying the dvar Hashem. Rather by the manifestation of HaEmes we present ourselves to every man's matzpun in the sight of Hashem. [2C 2:17; 1Th 2:5] 3But if indeed our Besuras HaGeulah is nistar (hidden), it is nistar among the ones perishing, [2C 1:18] 4In whose case the g-d of the Olam Hazeh (Ep 2:2) blinded the minds of the ones without emunah, so the illumination of the Besuras HaGeulah of the kavod of Moshiach, who is the demut of Hashem, [Co 1:15; MJ 1:3] would not shine on them. 5For we preach not ourselves but Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach Adoneinu Yehoshua and ourselves as your avadim (servants) for Yehoshua's sake. [2C 1:24] 6Because Hashem is the One who said,"Let Ohr shine out of choshech" [BERESHIS 1:3; YESHAYAH 9:2] who shone in our levavot for an illumination of the da'as of the kavod of Hashem in the face of Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach Yehoshua. [2C 3:18] 7Now we have this otzar (treasure) in earthen vessels [2C 5:1] that the excellence of the ko'ach may be of Hashem and not of us. [IYOV 4:19; YESHAYAH 64:8; SHOFETIM 7:2] 8Being oppressed on every side [2C 1:8; 7;5] but not being crushed, being perplexed but not in ye'ush (despair, atzvut), 9Being persecuted but not forsaken, being cast down but not destroyed, [TEHILLIM 37:24; MISHLE 24:16] 10Always bearing about the dying of Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach in my basar that also the Chayyim of Moshiach in geviyyateinu might be manifested. [BERESHIS 47:18; TEHILLIM 16:9-10; IYOV 19:25-27; YESHAYAH 53:11] 11For always we, the ones living, are being given over to mavet because of Moshiach [Ro 8:36; 1C 15:31] that also the Chayyim of Moshiach may be manifested in our mortal basar. 12So then Mavet works in us but Chayyim in you. 13And having the same Ruach Hakodesh of emunah that is in accordance with the Kitvei Hakodesh, HE'EMANITI KI ADABER ("I believed, therefore I speak " TEHILLIM 116:10), we both believed and therefore we speak, 14Having da'as that the One who made to stand up alive Adoneinu Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach Yehoshua will make us also with Yehoshua stand up alive and will present us with you. [Ro 8:11; 1C 6:14; 15:15,20] 15For all things are because of you [2C 1:3-6] that the Chen v'Chesed Hashem, having increased through the many, may increase the hodayah (thanksgiving) to the kavod of Hashem. [1:6] 16Therefore we are undaunted and do not lose chozek (strength). For, indeed, even if our outward man is becoming old and atrophied, yet our inward man is yom yom being renewed. [Ep 3:16; Ps 18:45; 103:5; Isa 40:31] 17For our present momentary tzoros is preparing us for an eternal weight of kavod (glory) utterly beyond measure, [TEHILLIM 30:5; Ro 8:17-18] 18For while we are not looking at the visible things but the invisible; [Co 1:16; MJ 11:1,3] for the things visible are zemanniyim (temporary) but the things invisible are for l'olamim.
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