1Therefore, I give this word of chozek to the Zekenim (Elders [see SHEMOT 12:21]) among you I, as a fellow Zaken (Elder) and as an Eidus (Witness) of the sevalot (sufferings) of Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach, and also as a partaker of the Kavod about to be unveiled: 2Exercise the avodas hakodesh ministry of Ro'eh (Shepherd) on behalf of the Eder Hashem (Flock of G-d [YIRMEYAH 13:17]) among you, serving as Mashgichim Ruchaniyim (Spiritual Overseers), not unwillingly, for the sake of dishonest gelt, but willingly, eagerly, in conformity with Hashem, 3Not as domineering the ones assigned by Hashem to your oversight, but being a mofet (example) for the tzon (flock). 4After the Sar HaRo'im (Chief of Shepherds) has been manifested [1:20], you will receive the unfading Ateret HaKavod (Crown of Glory). 5Likewise, bochrim (young men), be submissive to the Zekenim (Elders) and clothe yourselves in the kaftan of anavah (humility) toward one another, because IM LALETZIM HU YALITZ V'LA'ANAYIM YITEN CHEN ("Indeed Hashem scorns the scorners, but gives grace to the humble" MISHLE 3:34). 6Therefore, be humbled under the mighty hand of Hashem, that you may be exalted in due time. 7HASHLECH AL ADONOI Y'HAVECHA V'HU Y'CHALKELECHA ("Cast your care on Hashem and He will sustain you" TEHILLIM 55:23), because Hashem cares and is concerned about you. 8Be shomer in zililut da'as (sober-mindedness). Your adversary Hasatan [Samma'el], prowls around like a roaring arye (lion), seeking whom to swallow. 9Oppose him, firm in emunah, knowing that in the Olam Hazeh, the same Chevlei [Moshiach] are to be laid upon HaAchim b'Moshiach. 10Now the Elohei Kol Chen v'Chesed (the G-d of all Grace), the one having bestowed upon you the kri'ah (calling) into His eternal kavod in Moshiach Yehoshua, after you have suffered tzoros for a little while, will Himself restore, confirm, strengthen and establish you. 11Lo HaKavod V'HaOz L'Olemei Olamim. Omein. 12To you, through Sila HaAch HaNe'eman (the Faithful Brother in Moshiach), as such I regard him, I have written you briefly, a dvar chizzuk, encouraging you and giving edut (testimony) that this is the true Chen v'Chesed Hashem in which you stand. 13Drishat Shalom to you from your coequal Nivcharah (Chosen One), she in Babel. Drishat Shalom also from Markos, beni. 14Greet one another with a neshikat ahavah (kiss of agape). Drishat Shalom to all of you, the ones in Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach.