Kehilah in Corinth I 4
1So let a man consider us as Gabba'im of Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach and mefakkechim (stewards, supervisors) of the sodot (mysteries) of Hashem. 2Moreover, it is sought in mefakkechim that one be found that has ne'emanut (faithfulness). 3But to me it is a very small thing that I be brought, as it were, before your Bet Din for you to play dayanim (religious judges) judging me, or that I am judged by Bnei Adam on their merely human Yom HaDin; I do not even act as Dayan (Judge of a Rabbinical Court) of myself. 4I am aware of nothing against myself, but not in this have I been yitzdak (justified); it is the L-rd who is my Shofet (Judge BERESHIS 18:25; DANIEL 7:13 14). 5Therefore, do not judge anything before the time, until the Bias Adoneinu [Moshiach], who both will bring to Ohr (Light) the hidden things of the choshech (darkness) and manifest the motives of the levavot. And then the tehillah (praise) each one will receive will be from Hashem. [IYOV 12:22; TEHILLIM 90:8] 6Now these things, Achim b'Moshiach, I made a dimyon (comparison) applied with respect to myself and Apollos for your sake, that through us you may learn not to go beyond what things have been written [2:13], lest you are puffed up as ba'alei ga'avah (conceited, haughty persons) in favor of one or against the other. 7For who makes you so distinguished? And, by the way, what do you have which you did not receive? And if indeed you were given it, why this ga'avah, this boastfulness as if you had not received it? 8Already you have so much, already you ascended to osher (riches) and without us [Shlichim]! You became melechim (kings); I would that you did indeed become melechim that also we might reign as melechim with you. 9For, omein, I believe that Hashem has exhibited us, the Shlichim of Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach, as last in the program, condemned to death, because, like wretches under a mishpat mavet (death sentence), we became displayed in the arena for the eyes of the Olam Hazeh, malachim as well as Bnei Adam. [TEHILLIM 71:7] 10We are kesilim (fools) because of Moshiach, but you are chachamim in Moshiach; we are weak, but you are strong; you are treated with honor; we dishonor. 11Until the present sha'ah (hour) we both hunger, and thirst, and are naked, and are beaten and homeless. 12And we have parnasah, toiling with our own hands; being reviled, we make a bracha; being persecuted, we endure it: 13Being defamed by loshon hora, we conciliate. We have become what the earth wants swept out the door, something considered trash the Olam Hazeh wants removed. [YIRMEYAH 20:18; EKHAH 3:45] 14The purpose of this iggeret is not to bring you under bushah (shame). I write these things as admonishing my beloved yeladim. 15For, though you may have in Moshiach morei derech numbering ten thousand, you have not many avot, for in Moshiach through the Besuras HaGeulah I [T.N. Notice 1C4:6 indicates the canon of inerrant Scripture is closed and may not be added to.] became your abba. 16Therefore, I encourage you, imitate me. 17Because of this very thing, I sent Timotiyos to you who is my beni haahuv (beloved son) and ne'eman (faithful), trustworthy in Hashem, who will remind you of my derech baKodesh in Moshiach, even as I give shiurim everywhere in every kehillah. 18Now as to my coming to you, some were puffed up, [YIRMEYAH 43:2] 19But I will come shortly to you, im yirtzeh Hashem (if the L-rd wills), and I will find out not the speech of the ones having been puffed up but the ko'ach (power). 20For the Malchut Hashem depends not on the talk [of the ish sefatayim (the eloquent speaker)] but on ko'ach (power). 21What do you want? That I should come to you, so to speak, with an abba's switch or in ahavah and an anavat ruach (a spirit of meekness)?
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