Tehillim (Psa) 82
1A psalm of Asaf:
Elohim [God] stands in the divine assembly;
there with the elohim [judges], he judges:
2“How long will you go on judging unfairly,
favoring the wicked? (Selah)
3Give justice to the weak and fatherless!
Uphold the rights of the wretched and poor!
4Rescue the destitute and needy;
deliver them from the power of the wicked!”
5They don’t know, they don’t understand,
they wander about in darkness;
meanwhile, all the foundations of the earth
are being undermined.
6“My decree is: ‘You are elohim [gods, judges],
sons of the Most High all of you.
7Nevertheless, you will die like mortals;
like any prince, you will fall.’”
8Rise up, Elohim, and judge the earth;
for all the nations are yours.
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