Tehillim (Psa) 53
1For the leader. On machalat. A maskil of David:
2A brutish fool tells himself,
“There isn’t any God.”
Such people are depraved, all their deeds are vile,
not one of them does what is good.
3God looks out from heaven
upon the human race
to see if even one is wise,
if even one seeks God.
4Every one of them is unclean,
altogether corrupt;
not one of them does what is good,
not a single one.
5Won’t these evildoers ever learn?
They devour my people
as if they were eating bread,
and they never call on God!
6They will be gripped with terror,
even though now they are not afraid;
for God will scatter the bones
of him who is besieging you.
You are putting them to shame,
because God has rejected them.
7If only salvation for Isra’el
would come out of Tziyon!
When God restores his people’s fortunes,
what joy for Ya‘akov! what gladness for Isra’el!
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