Iyov (Job) 39
1“Do you know when mountain goats give birth?
Have you seen deer in labor?
2Can you tell how many months they carry their young?
Do you know when they give birth,
3when they crouch down and bring forth their young,
when they deliver their fawns?
4Their young become strong, growing up in the open;
they leave and never return.
5“Who lets the wild donkey roam freely?
Who sets the wild donkey loose from its shackles?
6I made the ‘Aravah its home,
the salty desert its place to live.
7It scorns the noise of the city
and hears no driver’s shouts.
8It ranges over the hills for its pasture,
searching for anything green.
9“Would a wild ox be willing to serve you?
Would it stay by your stall?
10Could you tie a rope around its neck
and make it plow furrows for you?
11Would you trust its great strength enough
to let it do your heavy work,
12or rely on it to bring home your seed
and gather the grain from your threshing-floor?
13“An ostrich’s wings beat wildly,
although its pinions lack plumage.
14It leaves its eggs on the ground
and lets them be warmed by the sand,
15forgetting that a foot may crush them
or a wild animal trample on them.
16It treats its chicks heartlessly,
as if they were not its own;
even if her labor is in vain,
it really doesn’t care;
17because God has deprived it of wisdom
and given it no share in understanding.
18When the time comes, it flaps its wings,
scorning both horse and rider.
19“Did you give the horse its strength?
Did you clothe its neck with a mane?
20Did you make him able to leap like a locust?
Its majestic snorting is frightening!
21It paws with force and exults with vigor,
then charges into the battle;
22mocking at fear, unafraid,
it does not shy away from the sword.
23The [rider’s] quiver rattles over it,
[his] gleaming spear and javelin.
24Frenzied and eager, it devours the ground,
scarcely believing the shofar has sounded.
25At the sound of the shofar it whinnies;
as from afar it scents the battle,
the roar of the chiefs and the shouting.
26“Is it your wisdom that sets the hawk soaring,
spreading its wings toward the south?
27Does the eagle fly up when you say so,
to build its nest in the heights?
28It lives and spends its nights on the cliffs;
a rocky crag is its fortress.
29From there it spots its prey,
its eyes see it far off.
30Its young ones suck up blood;
wherever the slain are, there it is.”
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