Iyov (Job) 26
1Then Iyov replied,
2“What great help you bring to the powerless!
what deliverance to the arm without strength!
3Such wonderful advice for a man lacking wisdom!
So much common sense you’ve expressed!
4Who helped you to say these words?
Whose spirit is it, coming forth from you?
5“The ghosts of the dead tremble
beneath the water, with its creatures.
6Sh’ol is naked before him;
Abaddon lies uncovered.
7He stretches the north over chaos
and suspends the earth on nothing.
8He binds up the water in his thick clouds,
yet no cloud is torn apart by it.
9He shuts off the view of his throne
by spreading his cloud across it.
10He fixed a circle on the surface of the water,
defining the boundary between light and dark.
11The pillars of heaven tremble,
aghast at his rebuke.
12He stirs up the sea with his power,
and by his skill he strikes down Rahav.
13With his Spirit he spreads the heavens;
his hand pierces the fleeing serpent.
14And these are but the fringes of his ways;
how faint the echo we hear of him!
But who is able to grasp the meaning
of his thundering power?”
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