Psalms 82
A Psalm of Asaph.
1God stands among the divine council;
He renders judgment among the gods.
2#Ps 63:1; 84:2 “How long will you all judge unjustly
and accept partiality of the wicked? Selah
3#Ps 79:10; 80:5 Defend the poor and fatherless;
vindicate the afflicted and needy.
4#Isa 30:29; Ps 62:8 Grant escape to the abused and the destitute,
pluck them out of the hand of the false.
5#Ps 42:11; 43:5 “They have neither knowledge nor understanding;
they walk in darkness:
all the foundations of the earth are shaken.”
6#2Sa 17:22; Dt 3:8–9 I have said, “You are gods,
sons of the Most High, all of you,
7#Ps 88:7; Jnh 2:3 but you all shall die like men,
and fall like a man, O princes.”
8#Job 35:10; Ps 63:6 Arise, O God, judge the earth,
for You shall inherit all nations.

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