Nahum 1
1#Isa 13:1; Zep 2:13An oracle for Nineveh, a writing of the vision of Nahum, the Elkoshite.
God’s Anger With Nineveh
2#Ex 20:5; Ps 94:1; Zec 8:2 The Lord is a jealous and avenging God;
the Lord avenges and is furious.
The Lord takes vengeance on His enemies,
and He reserves it for His adversaries;
3#Ex 34:6–7; Ne 9:17 the Lord is slow to anger and great in power,
and the Lord will in no way acquit the guilty.
In gale winds and a storm is His way,
and clouds are the dust of His feet.
4#Isa 33:9; Ps 106:9 He rebukes and dries up the sea,
and He makes waterless all the rivers.
Bashan and Carmel wither up,
and the sprout of Lebanon wastes away.
5#Mic 1:4; 2Sa 22:8 The mountains quake before Him,
and the hills melt;
the land rises up before Him,
the earth and everything that dwells on it.
6#Mal 3:2; Jer 10:10 Who can stand before His anger?
Who will rise up before His burning wrath?
His heat is poured out like fire,
and the rocks are broken up before Him.
7#Ps 1:6; Jer 33:11 The Lord is good,
a stronghold in the day of distress;
and He knows those who take refuge in Him.
8#Isa 8:22; 28:17 As a flood running forth,
He will bring to an end the distress,
and He will pursue His adversaries into darkness.
9#Na 1:11 Why do you all scheme against the Lord?
He will bring it to an end.
It will not rise up a second time.
10#Mic 7:4; Mal 4:1 Because they are like interwoven thorns
and as drunkards imbibing,
they are consumed like completely dry stubble.
11#Na 1:9 Out of you, O Nineveh, comes one,
a worthless counselor,
who devises evil against the Lord.
12#Isa 37:36So the Lord says:
“Even though they are full and many,
they will be cut down, and it will pass away.
Even though I have afflicted you,
I will no longer afflict you, O Judah;
13#Isa 9:4; 10:27 now I will break apart his yoke from over you,
and I will tear apart your bonds.”
14#Ps 109:13; 2Ki 19:37 The Lord has given a command concerning you:
“No longer will your name go forth.
I will cut off the carved image and metal image
from the house of your gods.
I will prepare your grave,
for you are despised.”
15#Isa 52:7; Ro 10:15 Look, on the mountains
come the feet of him who brings good news,
who proclaims peace!
Make your feasts, O Judah,
and complete your vows.
For the wicked one will never again pass through your midst;
he is completely cut down.

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