Psalms 142
A Plea for Relief from Persecutors
A #Ps. 35:8Contemplation of David. A Prayer #Ps. 32:titlewhen he was in the cave.
1I cry out to the Lord with my voice;
With my voice to the Lord I make my supplication.
2I pour out my complaint before Him;
I declare before Him my trouble.
3When my spirit was #1 Sam. 22:1; Ps. 57:titleoverwhelmed within me,
Then You knew my path.
In the way in which I walk
They have secretly #Ps. 77:3set a snare for me.
4Look on my right hand and see,
For there is no one who acknowledges me;
Refuge has failed me;
No one cares for my soul.
5I cried out to You, O Lord:
I said, “You are my refuge,
My portion in the land of the living.
6Attend to my cry,
For I am brought very low;
Deliver me from my persecutors,
For they are stronger than I.
7Bring my soul out of prison,
That I may #Ps. 141:9praise Your name;
The righteous shall surround me,
For You shall deal bountifully with me.”

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