Isaiah 9

Isaiah 9

1But there won’t be any more sadness for those who were suffering. In the past the Lord brought shame on the land of Zebulun. He also brought shame on the land of Naphtali. But in days to come he will honor Galilee, where people from other nations live. He will honor the land along the Mediterranean Sea. And he will honor the territory east of the Jordan River.
2The people who are now living in darkness
will see a great light.
They are now living in a very dark land.
But a light will shine on them.
3 Lord, you will make our nation larger.
You will increase their joy.
They will show you how glad they are.
They will be as glad as people are at harvest time.
They will be as glad as warriors are
when they share the things they’ve taken after a battle.
4You set Israel free from Midian long ago.
In the same way, you will break
the heavy yoke that weighs Israel down.
You will break the wooden beams that are on their shoulders.
You will break the rods of those who strike them down.
5Every fighting man’s boot that he wore in battle will be burned up.
So will every piece of clothing covered with blood.
All of them will be thrown into the fire.
6A child will be born to us.
A son will be given to us.
He will rule over us.
And he will be called
Wonderful Adviser and Mighty God.
He will also be called Father Who Lives Forever
and Prince Who Brings Peace.
7There will be no limit to how great his authority is.
The peace he brings will never end.
He will rule on David’s throne
and over his kingdom.
He will make the kingdom strong and secure.
His rule will be based on what is fair and right.
It will last forever.
The Lord’s great love will make sure that happens.
He rules over all.
The Lord Is Angry With Israel
8The Lord has sent a message against Jacob’s people.
He will punish Israel.
9All the people will know about it.
Ephraim’s people and those who live in Samaria will know about it.
Their hearts are very proud.
They say,
10“The brick buildings have fallen down.
But we will rebuild them with blocks of stone.
The fig trees have been chopped down.
But we’ll plant cedar trees in place of them.”
11In spite of that, the Lord has made Rezin’s enemies stronger.
He has stirred up Assyria to fight against Israel.
12Arameans from the east
have opened their mouths and swallowed up Israel.
So have Philistines from the west.
Even then, the Lord is still angry.
His hand is still raised against them.
13But his people have not returned
to the God who struck them down.
They haven’t turned for help
to the Lord who rules over all.
14So he will cut off from Israel heads and tails alike.
In a single day he will cut off palm branches and tall grass alike.
The palm branches are the people who rule over others.
The tall grass is the people who bow down to them.
15The elders and important leaders are the heads.
The prophets who teach lies are the tails.
16Those who guide the people of Israel are leading them down the wrong path.
So those who follow them aren’t on the right road.
17The Lord will not be pleased with the young men.
He won’t take pity on widows and on children whose fathers have died.
All of them are ungodly and evil.
They say foolish things with their mouths.
Even then, the Lord is still angry.
His hand is still raised against them.
18What is evil burns like a fire.
It burns up bushes and thorns.
It sets the forest on fire.
It sends up a huge column of smoke.
19The Lord rules over all.
When he gets angry, he will burn up the land.
The people will burn in the fire.
They will not spare one another.
20People will eat up everything they can find on their right.
But they’ll still be hungry.
They will eat everything they can find on their left.
But they won’t be satisfied.
So they will eat the dead bodies of their children.
21That’s what Manasseh’s people will do to Ephraim.
And that’s what Ephraim’s people will do to Manasseh.
Together they will turn against Judah.
Even then, the Lord is still angry.
His hand is still raised against them.

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