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49 “Babylon must fall#tn The infinitive construct is used here to indicate what is about to take place. See IBHS 610 §36.2.3g. because of the Israelites she has killed,#tn Heb “the slain of Israel.” The words “because of” are supplied in the translation for clarification. The preceding context makes it clear that Babylon would be judged for its atrocities against Israel (see especially 50:33-34; 51:10, 24, 35).just as the earth’s mortally wounded fellbecause of Babylon.#tn The juxtaposition of גַם…גַם (gam...gam), often “both…and,” here indicates correspondence. See BDB 169 s.v. גַּם 4. Appropriately Babylon will fall slain just as her victims, including God’s covenant people, did.