Psalms 48

Psalms 48

Jerusalem, the City of God
A psalm of the sons of Korah.
1The Lord is great; he should be praised
in the city of our God, on his holy mountain.
2It is high and beautiful
and brings joy to the whole world.
Mount Zion is like the high mountains of the north;
it is the city of the Great King.
3God is within its palaces;
he is known as its defender.
4Kings joined together
and came to attack the city.
5But when they saw it, they were amazed.
They ran away in fear.
6Fear took hold of them;
they hurt like a woman having a baby.
7You destroyed the large trading ships
with an east wind.
8First we heard
and now we have seen
that God will always keep his city safe.
It is the city of the Lord All-Powerful,
the city of our God.Selah
9God, we come into your Temple
to think about your love.
10God, your name is known everywhere;
all over the earth people praise you.
Your right hand is full of goodness.
11Mount Zion is happy
and all the towns of Judah rejoice,
because your decisions are fair.
12Walk around Jerusalem
and count its towers.
13Notice how strong they are.
Look at the palaces.
Then you can tell your children about them.
14This God is our God forever and ever.
He will guide us from now on.

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