Psalms 111
Praise the Lord’s Goodness
1Praise the Lord!
I will thank the Lord with all my heart
in the meeting of his good people.
2The Lord does great things;
those who enjoy them seek them.
3What he does is glorious and splendid,
and his goodness continues forever.
4His miracles are unforgettable.
The Lord is kind and merciful.
5He gives food to those who fear him.
He remembers his agreement forever.
6He has shown his people his power
when he gave them the lands of other nations.
7Everything he does is good and fair;
all his orders can be trusted.
8They will continue forever.
They were made true and right.
9He sets his people free.
He made his agreement everlasting.
He is holy and wonderful.
10Wisdom begins with respect for the Lord;
those who obey his orders have good understanding.
He should be praised forever.

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