Job 36

Job 36

Elihu’s Speech Continues
1Elihu continued:
2“Listen to me a little longer, and I will show you
that there is more to be said for God.
3What I know comes from far away.
I will show that my Maker is right.
4You can be sure that my words are not false;
one who really knows is with you.
5“God is powerful, but he does not hate people;
he is powerful and sure of what he wants to do.
6He will not keep evil people alive,
but he gives the poor their rights.
7He always watches over those who do right;
he sets them on thrones with kings
and they are honored forever.
8If people are bound in chains,
or if trouble, like ropes, ties them up,
9God tells them what they have done,
that they have sinned in their pride.
10God makes them listen to his warning
and commands them to change from doing evil.
11If they obey and serve him,
the rest of their lives will be successful,
and the rest of their years will be happy.
12But if they do not listen,
they will die by the sword,
and they will die without knowing why.
13“Those who have wicked hearts hold on to anger.
Even when God punishes them, they do not cry for help.
14They die while they are still young,
and their lives end in disgrace.
15But God saves those who suffer through their suffering;
he gets them to listen through their pain.
16“God is gently calling you from the jaws of trouble
to an open place of freedom
where he has set your table full of the best food.
17But now you are being punished like the wicked;
you are getting justice.
18Be careful! Don’t be led away from God by riches;
don’t let much money turn you away.
19Neither your wealth nor all your great strength
will keep you out of trouble.
20Don’t wish for the night
when people are taken from their homes.
21Be careful not to turn to evil,
which you seem to want more than suffering.
22“God is great and powerful;
no other teacher is like him.
23No one has planned his ways for him;
no one can say to God, ‘You have done wrong.’
24Remember to praise his work,
about which people have sung.
25Everybody has seen it;
people look at it from far off.
26God is so great, greater than we can understand!
No one knows how old he is.
27“He evaporates the drops of water from the earth
and turns them into rain.
28The rain then pours down from the clouds,
and showers fall on people.
29No one understands how God spreads out the clouds
or how he sends thunder from where he lives.
30Watch how God scatters his lightning around him,
lighting up the deepest parts of the sea.
31This is the way God governs the nations;
this is how he gives us enough food.
32God fills his hands with lightning
and commands it to strike its target.
33His thunder announces the coming storm,
and even the cattle know it is near.

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